Starmade: Hold The Doors

October 13, 2016

The Clarke Explorer - An original Starmade spaceship.
The Clarke Explorer – An original Starmade spaceship.

I have been designing various doors for a template project I am focused on, and I decided that I want lots of rail doors in my builds, from now on. Sounds great, right? The problem is that so many different entities and with so much “rail” processing, it can be extremely slow and laggy, potentially breaking the game. But lots of good, working doors are a good, fun thing in spaceships.


My solution? I think I need to add an extra logic link when doors are closed to deactivate the speed controller, reducing the speed of the door to zero, and removing physics checks from that door system. With that arrangement, I think I can build up lots of doors in a single build. Since most doors are closed most of the time, and the physics checks would be deactivated for those doors with this logic connection, I should have much less lag with more doors. Sounds like a winning idea to me. I hope it will work.