Robocraft: The October Champion

October 15, 2016


The new winning equipment combination for Robocraft appears to be two chainguns and one or two chargers. This enables extensive damage potential for extended periods, while remaining very very tough.

My only real defense against this combination is again the energy shield. Specifically, hoping that the dual-chaingun attacker panics at the effect of the shield. Then I just blast away, hoping to do enough damage to take out one of the chainguns while the target is still ineffective at doing damage on the other side of the shield.

Unfortunately, there are many ways to overcome this defense: charging on through the shield to continue the attack, changing targets, and blinking away. So dual chainguns is a real game-winning combination.

It’s more important than ever to stay clustered in groups and attack as a unit.

Veteran and pay-to-play players are at the advantage in this game, having more opportunities to win high level equipment, and win more often to win higher level equipment. Now that the pay-to-play players get three times the money for recycled equipment, pay-to-play is even more distinctly pronounced now.

I think Robocraft is overdue for a player reset. However, they won’t risk the playerbase ire, so a player reset is highly unlikely. It is a fascinating conundrum leading to an inevitable downward spiral.