Robocraft: Distant Punches

October 21, 2016


For a while, I have been using the “machine gun” laser weapon type as my primary weapon on my robot. However, that works best at a closer range, and the lasers are outmatched by heavier weaponry like the ion shotgun and the chaingun. So I am repeatedly picked apart, providing minimal support for my team. So, being inspired by enemy snipers, I have replaced my machine gun lasers with long-range railguns again. So I’ll see if Robocraft is any more fun when I can punch the enemy from a significant distance.

Meanwhile, my singular ion shotgun is still primarily for soaking damage. Occasionally, I shake the rust off it, to swat enemies off my main reactor. I wish they would shorten the barrels on the antiaircraft gun and give it a much smaller rotation field, so that I can use it with other weapons. As it is, the antiaircraft gun has such a ridiculously wide traversal sphere, that nothing else can be mounted anywhere nearby, forcing the use of poles and sticks to hang additional weapons way out to the side, and effectively reducing the number of weapons that can be mounted, while forcing a larger percentage of CPU usage toward structural elements instead of compact, more useful, powerful, and tougher system elements.