Team Fortress: Halloween

October 22, 2016


It’s nearly time for the annual Scream Fortress event. Outstanding! I always have a good time with these. In the last two years, I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed the various bumper car rides that came up after completing the primary match (a Halloween variation on the bomb delivery game type.)

Merasmus’ announcements were hilarious. I would like to enjoy some more Attack/Defend with Mann Manor. When the Headless Horseless Huntsman (HHH) haunts an attack point, it gets fun for both teams. No matter what happens this year, it should be a total blast, with total pandemonium. Maybe Miss Pauling will be a featured guest?

Unfortunately, the news broke last week that Scream Fortress will have no new ideas this year. It will simply be a release of all the prior Scream Fortress game modes, just like last year. Apparently, Valve is working on something else for Team Fortress that will come out later. Unfortunately, it will probably involve something in boxes that I never open. (Opening boxes costs real money in Team Fortress. And I’m trying to remain Free-t0-play.)