Smart Appliances versus Everyone

October 27, 2016


“Smart Appliances” are released with such weak security, that they are now being used widely in online cyber attacks. I was originally going to use “Every Security Expert” in place of “Everyone” in the title of this post, but the recent attack on DNS services, which effects pretty much everyone online makes it an “Everyone” problem. So it’s not just Security Experts, although quite a few of them have something to say. “Smart Appliances” are everyone’s problem, even if not everyone is buying them.

This problem is compounded by the way that “Smart Appliances” are designed. In short, they are designed with simple, default security logins that are all the same and cannot be changed by the user. Not very smart. So it is a heavy problem with no real solution in sight. Some intelligent people have called for more up-to-date government rules and regulations. However, that rarely helps. The best way to correct this attitude is to avoid paying for relatively insecure “new technology”, insist on understanding at least the base security technology behind technology, and ask for more security options before buying. Not only will this reduce the amount of unsecure technology on the market, but will influence entrepreneurs to consider security as a higher priority in new products.