Robocraft: Inappropriately Halloweeny

October 29, 2016


It’s fine to put a little holiday flair into your games. However, the “spooky” changes to Robocraft have not been in the spirit of the game. It feels more like a generic, organic Halloween change that Team Fortress 2 integrates into their annual Scream Fortress event. In short, Robocraft is a game about machines. So the Halloween decorations should follow suit. Jack-O-Lanterns? They should at least be armor-plated. Screams on the battlefield? They should at least have been passed through a robot-voice filter. The Jack-O-Lanterns and candles in the robot hanger? Just weird.

The ghostly wisps floating up away from the “loot chests” are a nice touch, though. I just wish they were still Loot Chests and not goofy-looking Jack-O-Lanterns. Maybe just put a Jack-O-Lantern image or seal on the regular chests.