Monday Movie Retrospective

November 7, 2016


Today’s Movie Retrospective is on a movie simply titled “Bean“.

This is a comedy movie based on the British short Comedy series “Mr. Bean”, starring Rowan Atkinson.


This movie is great. It doesn’t start out particularly fresh. There may be some slow stretches, and it may take some time to get up to speed, but this relaxed pace adds to the movie’s greatness. It may not be considered the greatest of movies, and some people might find it forgettable. However, the greatness in this movie is how it shows niceness. It slowly, but surely reveals just how truly nice the goofy main character is. Beyond that, the entire story becomes nice. It’s such a refreshing change from the cynicism and raw meanness that some comedies pawn off on their tired audiences. The movie and its main character are nice.

That’s not to say that I find this movie boring. Not in the least. I enjoy every moment of mayhem, looking forward to the next. Well, maybe I dislike the disgusting airplane scene towards the beginning of the movie. However, that is over quickly, and rapidly moves onto some good comedy bits. The movie is a continual series of setups and comedic payoffs. If you are not familiar with the character of Bean, this movie slowly makes you realize what a nice guy he really tries to be. I say it that way, because while he tries to be nice, some of the chaos he causes might come off as irritating.

This is a character that deserves to continue. He is almost perfectly an invention of Rowan Atkinson, but I would like to see this character renewed in some way. Mr. Atkinson is just getting a little too grey to carry on the tradition of this character. Bean is a young man, and should remain young. He simply can’t be as chaotic as an older gentleman. On the other hand, it would be interesting to see this character as a wiser, older, more-settled-down individual, having learned from life. Goodness knows as a young man, he must not have learned much growing up.

The movie ends on a sweet note, with an unexpected “win” for Mr. Bean after he returns home. It’s an uplifting movie for people of many different tastes to enjoy.