Robocraft: Bought a New Toy

November 15, 2016


I have finally reached a milestone in Robocraft. I had waited a long time to receive a chaingun/gatling gun in a lootbox. I have never “won” one. However, I built up enough in-game “money” to buy one. Now I have a gatling gun/chaingun on my robot. The chaingun is a lot bigger on my bot than I anticipated. They look smaller on other robots. So it’s a bit challenging to squeeze it onto a bot with other weapons. However, I have it hanging off the side and it works well there.

The chaingun is regularly targeted and removed from my bot by the enemy team. I am not surprised. They don’t want me to unleash that firepower on their robots. It really is a heavy weapon that can do a lot of damage. No, I don’t use it a lot for robot encounters. Rather, the weapon goes well with my support role as a tower capture tool. It grinds through tower pods quickly, and I can easily capture towers by myself. Frequently, if the enemy is properly engaged elsewhere, I can capture a tower and escape before the enemy can properly respond. And if they don’t get to the tower right away, it will stay on my team for a while. Unfortunately, all-too-often, the enemy can respond right away, and they take me out when I’ve only half-captured the tower. Whenever that happens, about half the time, my teammates finish the capture within 3 minutes.

Also, the chaingun works just fine for distance power-reactor-attacks when the enemy reactor shield is offline. I basically attack with impunity until the enemy captures a tower to bring their shield back up. And when an enemy robot attacks me with my chaingun spun up? I quickly move to fire upon them, and it is heavy damage. At least until I run out of power. Then it’s time to switch back to a lesser weapon systems. I currently back up the chaingun with laser guns, which serve the purpose of smaller machine guns. So that works extremely well, especially when the enemy is still focused on taking out the chaingun, which is no longer required.

The shield projector is still incredibly vital for providing bunker-like protection at any spot on the map. I find that duelling shields are a common issue, where one team throws up an energy shield, and then the opposing team throws up their own right up against it to make a weapons-impervious wall.

Also, the ion shotgun is vitally important for simply soaking up damage. I’ll still occasionally use it for taking out tower pods, but it’s just not focused enough for that, and doesn’t destroy pods on the first hit, so it’s really just a damage soaker. When I’ve lost all my other weapons, I have been able to use it to destroy enemy robots, but when I am damaged to that extent, I’m usually the one destroyed in that encounter.

Oh, and they have finally removed the weird halloween decorations from the game. Now it’s back to being robotic and slick-looking.