Keep It Classy

November 16, 2016


Apparently, in social media, there is a hashtag that says something along the lines of “#notmypresident”.

On one hand, this is technically true. The newly-elected president-elect is not yet your American president. As an American, you still have the same president that you have had for the last seven years. Even if he is passing into the Lame Duck phase of his presidency, he is still the President of the United States of America.

On the other hand, and this is where this hashtag really comes in, this is a very cynical and unpatriotic jab at the president-elect. It is rude and smells a tiny bit like sedition. It suggests that the title of President is not worthy of respect, and that people can simply “opt-out” of the reality under which they live. Adopting this hashtag reflects poorly on the individual who proudly adopts it.

If you plan to revolt against the system, you must call for Revolution, knowing that you will probably be ignored and possibly prosecuted. On a less extreme front, you can instead dedicate yourself to educating yourself on low-level local elections and vote in them, so that your local elections work in your favor. By all means, if you are unhappy with the president, be prepared to vote in the primaries and in the final election. What you should not do: do not support the existing system in one breath, and then curse the results in the next. Operating in such a way is unpatriotic, unproductive, and generally chills the progress of society.

Keep it classy, people.