Monday Movie Retrospective

December 19, 2016


Today’s movie is for the green thumb in all of us. The one with a murderous obsession. Or maybe it’s just for those of us who enjoy off-kilter musicals. In any case, I’m referring to the 1986 horror musical comedy “Little Shop of Horrors“.

This is a fun movie with lots of neat little details and a cute little plant. Or is it?

Starring Rick Moranis as a shy hero-in-disguise, with a manic turn by Steve Martin in one of his better roles as a sadistic dentist. (Aren’t they all?) As a perfect counterpoint to Steve Martin’s character, Bill Murray shows up as a masochistic dental patient.

The damsel in distress is very sweet.

People think that the ending is too sacharine sweet, but they forget the little scene at the end that shows more cute plants. Where’s our sequel? Surely there is room in this world for Audrey 3 and 4 and the mischief they can cause.