Robocraft – Getting the Boot

December 22, 2016


Another negative mark against Robocraft: When I get kicked from a server, I am punished the next time I join for “abandoning” a game. Hey, wait a minute! I didn’t abandon the game. I fell out! I should not be punished with additional minutes of long waiting when joining a new match. That’s not a good way to treat your players. Fortunately, I’m playing completely for free, so I don’t need a refund. However, it is making me rethink of spending my time on this game. I could redirect this gaming time to Team Fortress 2 or some other worthy subject of my affections.

You would think they could monitor willful disconnects (abandonment) versus being kicked off a server for… whatever. Lag, suspected cheating, bad language, etc.

It should be as simple as monitoring the cause of the disconnect. If it’s external, don’t count it as abandonment. The game should know whether or not I purposely quit the game. Yeah, local disconnects should count as abandonment, because people are generally not above turning off their modem when the game is going badly for them.