Monday Movie Retrospective

January 23, 2017


Today’s razor-sharp retrospective looks back on 2002’s “The Count of Monte Cristo“.

This film is visually sumptuous. The characters are all interesting. The costumes really make the period feel alive, and the quest for revenge at the heart of the plot is intriguing.

The lead characters are fine and all, but the supporting characters are really where the story is at. There is Richard Harris (Rest In Peace) as Abbe Faria, who dies. There is Michael Wincott as Armand Dorleac, who dies. There is a fun actor I always enjoy, Luis Guzman, as Jacopo, who lives.

It’s fun to see where the quest leads the different characters. Some scenes that seem to lead to relatively simple revenge subplots instead lead to more elaborate plots, which make the final revenge even more satisfying.

It’s a fun, sweeping, beautiful period piece that has the plot to satisfy a wide audience. I recommend it.