Prequel Trilogy Blues

February 2, 2017


Everyone knows that the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy could have been better. However, they were still pretty great.


No, seriously, hold on a minute while I explain.

The character of Anakin Skywalker is a figure that is both previewed by and is the preview for Darth Vader. That puts the whole character into a very difficult position. The actor to portray Anakin was probably cast, based on his sensitive portrayal of a boy in conflict in a previous movie. In fact, as an actor, he probably had some good ideas to bring to the role. However, the director probably directed him to play it very flat, and allow the musical score to show the emotion in post-production. However, the music composer just wasn’t going to give discordant notes to Anakin’s scenes, to illustrate the conflict. So we are simply left with a flat performance.

Now onto his secret love interest: Padme Amadala.

I don’t intend to discuss the actress’ acting prowess, because frankly, acting to a greenscreen is reputedly tough to do.

However, there is one scene in particular that I find poignant, yet most reviewers found repugnant.


This is their big “bad acting” moment? This is great stuff! It may have been a tiny-bit overacted, but I thought it was just the right amount. This applies to our world today. This applies to any bad policy. This applies to any overwhelming movement. It’s a reminder to look at things how they are, not how people wish them to be. I thought the scene was carried out excellently.

More importantly, I thought it was a scene that could be applied to get people to think critically. It’s important to preserve liberty and to take notice of anything that will inhibit liberty. All too often, liberty is squashed under thunderous applause.

You see, the scene parallels the rise to power of infamous power mongers in the real world’s history. Napoleon Boneparte did not require a deathstar to come to power. Although, some might have seen his artillery cannons as a kind of deathstar, to be sure.

So, yes, I dare to conjure Godwin’s Law, losing an entire argument by saying that Nazis came to power with thunderous applause. They didn’t use a deathstar.

It’s important to check and balance power grabs to maintain liberty. Failing to do so will be punished with bad movies. Or worse.