Monday Movie Retrospective

February 6, 2017


Today, I wanted to look at “War of the Worlds“, but not at the movie (or book) itself, but at the aftermath.

With humans, it would be a simple rebuilding. We would be so far behind the technology, that it will take decades to analyze and adapt. No, I wouldn’t want to explore the human side.

Rather, I think it would be endlessly fascinating to see how an alien civilization dealt with a halted invasion that was not stopped with military might or with a favor from Emperor Ming, but rather, from an oversight. From not calculating the effects of germs in the human atmosphere. You see, spoiler alert, the War of the Worlds ends with the aliens succumbing to ordinary germs against which they were neither immunized or filtered in their fantastic machines.

Would the invasion coordinator be financially ruined? Would he be shunned by society? Would he be assigned to “Narftle the Garthok“? What of the engineers and builders of the fantastic machines? These are machines that can withstand nuclear blasts and the heaviest cannonfire. However, they can’t filter out cold germs. What would the engineers’ plight be? What of the financial catastrophe? Surely, there would be a substantial cost in even the most simple invasion of the most simple race (us). Is that financial planner homeless, living out on the streets?

I think this would be a fun indie project, and if the details are kept obscure, it could be a semi-sequel to the “War of the Worlds” without owing licensing fees.