Robocraft is Now Beta

March 8, 2017


Robocraft has reached beta.

The maps look a little different. They appear to be a bit more detailed and polished in general, and the capture mode has changed somewhat. Now, instead of shooting bits to take points, you just sit on the points until captured.

The maps in general feel like they are now a tighter fit. That is, they feel smaller, with more corners, so generally, medium-ranged weaponry seems to work well. It’s not super-tight, so you aren’t constantly engaging at point-blank range. Long range at this point seems to be mostly limited to anti-air engagements.

My low league score constantly groups me with fresh players, so it seems like I am always on the losing team, shuttling my robot back and forth between capture points, trying to keep up. On the other hand, league scores are now a good way to match teams, so now it feels like a better match-up, as opposed to the constant one-team-rolls-over-the-other matching mechanics of the previous, just-prior-to-beta matching. So even though I’m losing, it still feels like a better match, because I’m not losing so badly.

I can still only stomach one match a day. I log in daily when I can for the free loot box.