My New Love For Zombies

March 9, 2017


With a new game, I have been enjoying a zombie apocalypse immensely.

No More Room In Hell” started life as a Half-Life mod, and has recently been released on Steam as a free standalone game. I am enjoying the cooperative gameplay immensely.

No matter the size of the hand-to-hand weapons (ranging from kitchen knives to 20-lb sledgehammers), they all seem to have an effective range of 4 inches, ensuring that you will get into “grab-and-bite” territory with your zombie targets. I kind of wish the hand-to-hand range was more realistic. Then again, I’d never get into danger again if that were the case.

Speaking of hand-to-hand weaponry, I kind of wish they would introduce the humble mop as a weapon. Doing next-to-no damage, it would be a funny way to push zombies around. I’m sure many, many people have many many weapon ideas.

Most players definitely favor firearms as their zombie-handler-of-choice. Even when it makes sense to go to a melee weapon for no-bullets-needed hand-to-hand fighting, players generally favor the distance approach of shooting zombies.

I wish there were better ways of finding my way to objectives. Yes, many times, it is fun to get “lost” in the magnificent maps, but sometimes, especially on the “objective” maps I play, I simply need to get to where all the other survivors are, and in short order.

Learning the maps is key. There’s no real shortcut way to learn maps, so you just have to play to learn them. It can be a real challenge, because the maps tend to be bigger than you might expect. They are really great.