Monday Movie Retrospective

March 13, 2017


Today’s horrifically cultish retrospective focuses its sights on 1987’s “Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn“, starring the singular Bruce Campbell.

Despite the movie’s title, it isn’t so much a sequel as a remake of the original “The Evil Dead” from 1981. After all, if the lead character, Ash Williams, played by Campbell, had such a rough time in the cabin the first time, it’s highly unlikely he would find another Linda and take her and friends back to that same accursed cabin. He’s probably prefer to gather the gang together in a Holiday Inn or some other relatively book-less vacation spot.

Endless reviews have described the action in excessive detail, so I will spare you the same. There was something I missed from the first movie. While the acting is much better this time around, I definitely found myself missing the more varied deadite personalities from the first “The Evil Dead”. One or two of the deadites from the first film were almost sweet in their attitude, such as possessed deadite Linda, who would sing a sweet, but menacing lullaby to the hero.

This movie and the first movie are directly referenced and even “flashbacked” in the Starz original series “Ash Vs. Evil Dead”, which continues the story 30 years after this misadventure at the cabin. The Starz series is really excellent, and I approve highly.

Meanwhile, back at the actual movie, there was a character that really impressed me, more than the “hero” Ash Williams. Annie was played by Sarah Berry, and is the ultimate hero in this story. Tragically, she saves the day, overcoming the terminal injury that is killing her. I like her character a lot. She was brave and smart up to the very end.

“Evil Dead II” is a relatively modern horror classic that is required viewing for almost any horror  fan.