NMRIH: Spectrum

April 13, 2017


You meet all kinds of people in the zombie-survival game “No More Room In Hell”. There are selfless leaders and craven cowards alike.

You run across truly despicable people. These are players who take everything and never share. Players who never contribute. Players who stay behind and let everyone else take risks and do all the work.

These are people who will not survive long in an apocalypse. They will be quickly recognized for what they are, and they will be discarded by everyone except maybe family members. They will come to rely on the charity of others for their survival. They will never be strong enough on their own to be the “army of one” that they consider themselves. So when they are discovered as the drain that they are, they are truly doomed. If only the modern, safety-netted society of today had some way to flush these creatures out and isolate them, the world would be a better place.

In the meantime, they will continue to drain resources and take advantage of the charity of others. It’s enough to make one want to be uncharitable.