Saturday Game Roundup

May 13, 2017


I am still finding “No More Room In Hell” (NMRIH) incredibly compelling. The zombie combat. The objective cooperation. Human flaws. Human tragedy. Egos. Thefts. Loss. Escape.

I am ever eager to join in an objective map. Even when I’m dead, I still enjoy the drama of watching the survivors continue on their “hunt” to freedom and peace. I find myself still “interacting” with the survivors, even though they cannot read the chat of the dead. It’s like a movie-goer talking to the actor in a horror movie. You know they can’t hear it, but it’s just too fun to resist. And so I let people think I’m stupid for talking to players who can’t hear me. That’s fine. That’s how fun this is.

Sometimes, if the survivors are taking too long to finish (one way or another), if the zombie hordes seem to be too hard, or if the game switches to a “survival” map, I will switch to another server. However, I try to tough things out for at least one little round, before bailing out.

I want to see people succeed. I want to help them. I want to blast zombies who are swarming the people I play with. I want to clear the way for them. In some cases, I just have to leave people behind, but when I can, I try to carry along a whole group. I have gathered followers that way, and it generally works better when we form a “gang”. We are simply more effective and both defense and offense. We’ll generally get in a rhythm, and do much more together than we could individually. And I think that is the core appeal of cooperative gameplay.

I still play the occasional Mann Vs. Machine coop battle in Team Fortress 2. People still generally get along on there. Sometimes not. Usually disagreements arise between players of different skill levels, with more experienced players yelling at lesser players to improve their game spontaneously, which is illogical. They will play better as they get better. Of course they aren’t holding back to restrict your game play.


I mean, there may be one “troll” player in a million that does that, but they are quickly obvious, and then I will join a different server, or vote to kick that obvious bad player off the team.

Killing robots alongside my fellow players is a delight, but seemingly not quite as fun as doing the same against zombies in NMRIH.

I would like to also get back into playing “Unturned”. I would especially like to practice the skills and tricks I have learned in past plays on a winter map. I love the winter environment. Before I knew such tricks, such an environment was impossible to survive. Of course I didn’t start out, thinking I could fell a tree with my bare hands. However, time is limited, so I am playing cooperative games first. Plus, Unturned absolutely requires an internet connection, even if I am playing single-player. And sometimes, an internet connection isn’t available.

I have been playing more Dwarf Fortress lately. It’s still fun as I gradually start building my outer-most areas, so that I can place meeting places and bedrooms and dormitories in one corner of the map, while placing refuse, burial plots, and other discarding zones in the opposite corner. It has taken a long time to dig out the paths to the corners, a longer time still to dig out sufficiently large areas for specific “zoning”, and even more time to wait for my dwarves to move things about. It’s neat to watch them crawl about like ants. However, I am wondering with every turn, just when doom will appear and destroy my fortress. I have learned not to let my dwarves go dry and die of dehydration. So now that drinks are in fine form, my fortress seems to be operating at a very safe level. I’m careful not to dig to my doom, but I am not seeing a lot of surface or air threats. I wonder if the version I play is bugged to be abnormally safe. Well, at least I get to learn a lot about DF mechanics while operating in safety.

Dwarf Fortress has me interested in playing MineTest again, to make a “3D” Dwarf Fortress-alike. At least to build something that resembles my Dwarf Fortresses. I have barely begun. It seems like most of the mods aren’t really compatible with the current release. Maybe they are coded against the snapshot release? Anyway, the modded version I play is not quite as “rich” as I hoped for. The mobs (creatures) are broken, so it’s a very solitary world to play in right now. However, the map size is significantly larger than Dwarf Fortress, so the idea is enticing, so I feel I must continue.

I guess I could build a futuristic Dwarf Fortress in 3D in StarMade, but the toxic members of the community have drained my passion for playing StarMade. There’s so many other games to play, so StarMade has fallen by the wayside, in favor of more compelling fare, like NMRIH. I have so many projects to complete in StarMade. There is certainly no lack of variety in that.

The Clarke Explorer - An original Starmade spaceship.
The Clarke Explorer – An original Starmade spaceship.

Well, I’d better get back to it, then.