KeePass Auto-Entry

May 18, 2017


Keepass is so good. Recently, I was re-motivated to find opportunities to automate small details of my life. For password entry, I had been content with the status quo of copy-and-paste out of Keypass. However, my quest for further automation has exposed me to Keypass Autotype, and it is amazing. It’s all inside the software; no additional software or addons needed.

I get to where I need to enter my username and password, and go to KeePass and click on “Perform Autotype”, which automatically goes back to that field, and enters the username and password. Even easier than copy and paste. For security, this function uses a combination of copy-and-paste and typing to defeat keyloggers and clipboard scanners.

On the other hand, any malware that scans clipboards -and- keystrokes will get the whole thing. However, it looks like it is entered out-of-order, so it might be difficult to reconstruct my password, even if both sets are captured.

Usually, credentials can be entered as Username – Tab – Password – Enter. However, there are some exceptions. The neat thing? You can edit that entry, to allow for different formats. You can even enter delays between the username and password, similar to data-entry automation tools like AutoIt. For example, here is my AutoType template for my Yahoo e-mail account:


Yes, yes, I know. I need to dump Yahoo Mail as soon as I can, like a sack of old, moldy tangerines.