Minetest: Slicing the Earth

June 2, 2017


Dwarf Fortress has a saying: “Strike the Earth”. This is the mantra to encourage digging to create your fortress.

In Minetest, I’m using the “WorldEdit” mod to “slice the earth” instead of striking it. Specifically, I’m cutting out vast swaths of land to create a stone landing area centered on coordinates 0,0,0 for new players (me). Once that is done, I will explore, find a suitable cliffside or cave to start my Dwarf-Fortress-Esque Minetest Home, make signs pointing to it, and create a wide stone road to the entryway. From there, it’s dig, dig, dig, to create my digs.

The initial stone setup is slow, because I complicate it with some preliminary preparation work. Specifically, when I do the initial WorldEdit cut, I then explore the cut surface, and dig out useful blocks, such as coal and iron. Once that is done, I will use WorldEdit to create an additional cut into that surface and immediately fill it in with pure stone.

My central starting area, a 49×49 area is complete, with a 4-block-deep bed of stone. Next, I need to clear out a 35-block-wide swath over 100 blocks in each cardinal direction. The initial cut on those swaths is complete, and now I need to dig out useful blocks, before re-bedding the swaths with 3-block-deep stone. (What falls underneath that can remain for discovery later, if I dig back to that location.)

Once those cardinal swaths are complete, I will need to do the same for a square-shaped hollow “circle” that encircles the cardinal swaths, creating a perimeter. This, too, will be dug up a bit for useful things like iron, and then “repaved” with stone. However, this circle has not yet been cut into the earth.

Finally, I will cut off the entire area encircled by that hollow circle at about the +3 or +4 Y level, to create an easily-discoverable and easily-travellable starting area. Those areas falling outside the “repaved” areas do not need to be repaved, so they will contain easily discovered hollows and caves. Maybe even a dropoff or two down into deeper levels.

This is all just the start. I need to start building chests around the starting area to hold all the raw materials I am digging. I’m nearly at the end of the player’s inventory, so I need to build those chests sooner than later.