Monday Movie Retrospective

July 10, 2017


Rock and Roll has given its listeners many adventures to ponder.

Heavy Metal tends to give its listeners more of a sensation than a story, and so it is with 2000’s “Heavy Metal 2000“, a cartoon movie that is an adaptation of a comic story called “Melting Pot” and a loose sequel to 1981’s “Heavy Metal“.

This movie had some excellent casting. Michael Ironside is the main bad guy. He gives his lines that superb bass tone in his signature growl. Julie Strain is the determined hero. Billy Idol is a mysterious stranger. Pier Paquette is a hapless wanderer, caught up in a story that is not his own. Sonja Ball is the hero’s captured sister.

Contrary to the movie’s predecessor, this movie has one story. I like that. The story could have been executed better, but it’s pretty good for what it is. It benefits from being a relatively simple revenge-and-rescue tale.

I enjoyed a lot of the CGI spaceship scenes. That was fun to see, and had some interesting ideas, using established concepts.

It’s a shame these kinds of cartoon movies don’t take time to explore characters, so that you can start to care about them more deeply, but that’s the problem with cartoon movies. They typically have a very limited budget, so the proceedings must run at a break-neck pace to complete the movie in its budget.

I found the music much less enjoyable in this movie, generally being harsher than the regular rock-and-roll of the original movie. There are a couple of gems in the soundtrack, including a track from one of the actors, which I really enjoyed. The tragedy from a “Heavy Metal” movie is that I didn’t enjoy the music as much as I’d hoped. On the other hand, more of the music tracks were, indeed, Heavy Metal.

The movie mixes adult themes with some rather cartoonish animation at times. The adult themes were able to keep me interested where the cartoonish animation might have otherwise turned me away.

I’m a big fan of animation, making this movie a must-see. It may be a little more challenging to watchers who are not fans of either animation or of 70’s-style revenge grunge movies. One laser-minigun up out of two.



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