Zombie Hot Dogs

July 22, 2017


There is a game I love to play called “No More Room In Hell”, which is a cooperative zombie survival game. I enjoy it immensely for the camaraderie and cooperative gameplay that makes me feel like part of a friendly, functional team.

So when some hot dog, who runs ahead of the group, threading through the zombie hordes, and picking off objectives all the way to the end of the objective map doesn’t stop to allow the rest of the group to catch up, it takes everyone out of the game and makes us realize that selfish people will always be the true enemy, above and beyond even zombies.

After all, this game is all about the drama of the situation, and I enjoy the drama, even when I must sit and watch from the sidelines. But when a hot dog gets to the end and is rescued alone, leaving everyone else to die, that creates a different drama. A sad drama of betrayal.

It’s not fun for the rest of us. Therefore, if you are one of those people who desire to race to the end, regardless of the rest of the group, play a different game, a single-player game, or play on a server where you are the only player. Leave the rest of us to our cooperative enjoyment. We’ll think more highly of you when we think of you.