Unturned: No Longer Hoarding

August 4, 2017


I am finally reaching the point in “Unturned” on the “Yukon” map, that I have enough weapons stashed around town…. Now I can start to use the weapons that I find instead of storing them for later.

Naturally, if I find “Cobra” arms, the pistols and the ammunition, I will still want to stash those, replacing lesser, harder-to-reload arms, such as the Chief, and especially the Deringer. I have already been using the Deringer after finding sufficient ammunition. (Each reload is only two bullets.) I don’t have a big problem with the 2-shot capacity of the deringer, but the reloads are very long. The full-gun reload isn’t too bad, but the reload needed between individual shots in the same load is unrealistic and exceptionally long. That definitely makes the Deringer a low-tier Unturned weapon, worthy of being used up and thrown away.

I would also like to replace all storages of “Chief” with a “Colt” or better, if only because the “Chief” is a revolver with only a 5-shot cylinder. 5 shots? That just doesn’t make the cut. The Ace has 6 shots in its cylinder, but is twice as big. The “Colt” is as big as the Ace, and has a 7-shot magazine. Naturally, all these pale in comparison to the Cobra’s 20-round magazine. There is an 8-shot handgun, but the reloads between shots are as maddening as the Deringer, so those need to be replaced as well.

I need to find and stash a few more chainsaws around town. I thought I finally had enough, but found some tactically important storage containers that I placed at a critical intersection out in the country, and placed one chainsaw in each. I have had to replace some compresses with more important items in storage containers around town, so now I have an overabundance of compresses. It’s never bad to have a lot of them, but I’d rather have a hydrating drink instead.

Also, in various artificial planters around town, I have set up crops. Wheat is good for making sandwiches with other foods found around town, and to supplement that wheat crop are tomatoes and lettuce, which help hydration when eaten. Hydration is so critical on this map. Very soon, I need to simply stop picking up and using foods that don’t hydrate well, such as chips and candy bars. There’s enough food. Just not enough to drink, so hydrating foods are important. Just like with “real life”, more natural, non-processed foods are best.

I have encircled the Yukon “deadzone” with campfires about one-third the way around. I need to gather and make more campfires and complete the circle, to avoid entering the deadzone in the future. It’s just too toxic, so I need to make sure I can avoid it and walk around. Campfires around the periphery are an excellent, always-visible tool for avoiding the zone. I have considered exploring inside, where there is a helicopter wreck and some hazmat zombies, but it’s probably not worth the trouble. The “civilian” weapons I find elsewhere on the map are fine for the job.