The Orville: The Fifth Goodness

October 6, 2017


The fifth episode of “The Orville” aired last night, and it continues to do well for me. I enjoyed the special guest star, the effects, the secondary story involving learning more about the crew and their personalities. The main story was stock-standard and therefore, not very interesting. I was surprised by the suspicion on display in this episode compared to other episodes. Up until this episode, the crew seemed very naive, and now suddenly, they are on-guard. There’s something to be said for the sharp executive officer.

We found in this episode that the gelatinous crewman’s job is related to ship’s engineering. That is an interesting development for an interesting character. We also get to  see what we assume is his boss in the chief engineer.

The big secondary story in this episode, involving the crew was all about teaching Isaac about humor and practical jokes. This may be the first in a long line of humanity lessons for Isaac. Isaac learns fast.

There were some recognizable motifs that were emerging. They come very close to destroying the ship again! The strong security lieutenant has to open another door for the captain again! We get to see the gellatinous crewman again!

The captain holds a mixer in his quarters, and everybody acts normal. Will we get to see more mixers and parties? Speaking of which, the party was prefaced by a long, sweeping shot of the outside of the ship, with peeks into adjacent quarters before zeroing in on the shindig. These looks into the ship from outside are neat, and it was an excellent way to transition into the scene.

The humor was good. The gags were excellent. They may not have been particularly funny, but there were fantastic surprises. The effects were movie-quality. I enjoyed myself a lot last night.