That’s Just How He Is

October 14, 2017


So I hear a lot of women complained about certain behavior and reported it. They said they got repeated consolations that this behavior was just the way that person lives.

So. This person exhibits bad behavior, and everyone seems to go along with it. That’s not acceptable. Neither is the subtle threats of repercussions.

What’s left? The women stop complaining. They stop struggling against the problem. This leaves the problem intact. A problem that affects more women. These are women who have less ability to defend themselves, and who are trying to defend themselves against a threat that is digging in and becoming more powerful.

The only defense is an overwhelming slap-back, caused by generations of troubled women who will finally all rebel against the power that threatens them. It is a problem that will be self-correcting. However, many lives have to be damaged, because some people cannot maintain their self discipline.

The world becomes a worse place, due a classic villain complex. It’s not fair, it’s not nice. It’s what I struggle against all my life, to make the world a better place. For today, I’ll leave that job to some women I have never met. Fight well, ladies.