No More Mega?

November 21, 2017


I’m not sure what happened recently, but it seems that the “Mega zombie” is no longer spawning in the “Off Limits” agricultural domes anymore on the Yukon map in the game “Unturned”. I have been able to clear out the entire “Off Limits” area twice now, with no Mega Zombie encounter.

I guess it’s not so bad to skip this challenge, but it was a fun challenge, and when met, it rewarded me with some high-level gear. I’m missing out on that.

However, I have recently built up enough supplies to enable an excursion to the helicopter crash site on that map, so that will probably be my next big project on that map, in that game. That should be fun. Maybe I might even run into a new Mega Zombie spawning location. However, there will be fewer hiding spots, so it may be a no-win area of the map.

This may mark the end of my stay in the “Yukon” map. There are other maps I want to play with, including “Moon”, so moving on will be a fun change, if necessary.