Found a Mega at the Crash Site

December 9, 2017


I continue to play the “Yukon” map at “Normal” difficulty in the game “Unturned”. It remains a fun game. The map was recently updated to have 10x more chance of snowstorm, so it’s back to almost always snowing, with just a few clear spots here and there for being able to see some distance.

I found a couple more filters, so I was able to make another expedition to the Helicopter Crash Site near the Hunting Lodge. This time, I found something. Something big. Something scary. Something that ripped me apart in the open space around the crash, as I expected. I found… a Mega Zombie at the crash site.

I might have had a bit of a chance, but there was a scrambling zombie, the kind that runs around quickly like a dog. The scrambler would fall behind the mega zombie, which I would then shoot at and dodge thrown objects. However, the scrambler would scramble out in front of the mega and bite me. This caused bleeding and I ran out of energy to run, allowing the mega to catch up and tear me to pieces with its bare hands.

Such a dramatic ending. I can’t help but wonder if I was anywhere near taking down the mega. Or even the scrambler. If I had taken down on or the other, I might have been ultimately able to take down both. However, that would require flawless timing, and probably a lot more skill than I have, in-game and out. It would have been tricky. However, I believe that I did not even reach the middle point of the mega zombie’s health amount, so I think I was far away from defeating either zombie.

I respawned and eventually made my way to my former remains, and re-clad myself in the blood-spattered leftovers, the largely-intact clothing and equipment that I had faced the mega with, this time, without making a noise and earning the ire of the zombies that were back at the crash site. They had left the remains alone for reclaiming. If I had died close to the wreckage, I would not have been able to retrieve them.


I retreated back to the hunting lodge, cleared it out, and cleared out any infection that I might have been suffering from. Goodness knows that prior to my destruction by the mega zombie, I was carrying quite a fair number of vitamins and purification tabs, so I just popped some medicine after bandaging myself and was good to go. I was even able to repair some of the damaged equipment, such as the police vest and the gun that was worn down in the snow. I then made my way up to the RCMP lookout point, cleared that, and proceeded back to the Forbidden Zone, where I will build up my supplies for another run to the crash site in the future.

If the weather doesn’t clear enough for me to deal with mega zombies, this may be the new opportunity I have been waiting for to proceed to other maps in the Unturned catalog. It’s bound to be fun.