Monday Movie Retrospective

February 27, 2018


On a Tuesday? I fell ill, and was unable to prepare this Retrospective in time. So, to compensate, you get a two-for-one deal!

I’ll mention both “El Mariachi” and “Falling Down“.

First Retrospective is on “Falling Down” from 1993.

Falling Down” is the dark comedy about a working man, played by a closely-shaven Michael Douglas, who is pushed over the edge and has a mental breakdown due to stress. He experiences road rage, and abandons his car in traffic. He then proceeds through a rough part of town and defends himself from a street gang. As he goes on, he obtains more weapons, and causes more destruction. Finally, he has a fun showdown with the aging, nearly-retired policeman who has been tracking him down, played by Robert Duvall. It is all rather dark, but rather fun at the same time. Two illegal rocket launchers up.

Your second Retrospective is on “El Mariachi” from 1992.

El Mariachi” is a Spanish-language action movie, starring the fresh-faced Carlos Gallardo. Don’t feel bad if you don’t understand the language. The overall story is still obvious from the action. You’ll still enjoy the gist of it. Speaking of joy, the action scenes are so joyfully choreographed, that you’ll wonder how they could have made it so much fun. This is the story of a musician who gets caught up in the criminal workings involving a drug kingpin, and must fight his way out of his predicament. This movie was so fun that it inspired two English-language sequels, with Carlos Gallardo being involved in every one in one way or another. Three guitar cases full of weapons out of two!