Monday Movie Retrospective

April 2, 2018


Another Easter has passed, and another viewing of “The Ten Commandments” was fully enjoyed.

I try to watch this movie when I can, but since catching it on TV is more enjoyable for me than breaking out a DVD and playing it non-stop, I simply watch this movie when it comes on TV every year for Easter, instead of buying the DVD.

This is such a fun movie. For a G-rated epic, it has its moments! The G-rated bloody violence. The G-rated implied rape. The G-rated terrifying screams. The G-rated denigration, antisemitism, misogyny, and slavery. It’s almost like a good horror, in that the violence that you imagine is much worse than the violence that you actually witness.


Oh, and the effects are fabulous. Cartoon fire, ethereal glows, magnificent walls of water, and pure spectacle of a thousand extras all contribute to the feeling of pretend authenticity. It’s impressive and fun. As you can see from the picture above, even Charlton Heston‘s beard was a magnificent effect! The women and costumes are almost as gorgeous as those in “Cleopatra”, but that’s a movie for another day.


Speaking of Charlton Heston, he plays Moses as the primary character of this epic, and it follows Moses’ entire life, from his fortune-favored beginnings, to the mystery of the end of his life. Other wonderful actors include Yul Brynner, as possibly my all-time favorite pharaoh, Anne Baxter as the scheming, two-faced Nefretiri, and Yvonne De Carlo as Moses’ wife, who is far too beautiful for her position, as well as being far too beautiful for the insults that the pharaoh’s wife would give her. If you want a humble shepherd girl, you should get someone who can at least pretend to be boring and plain, not the striking Lili Munster! However, she does a great job. They all do.

This is one of the all-time great Biblical epics directed by the legendary director, Cecil B. DeMille.

Moses doesn’t have to be your favorite character. Maybe you love brave Joshua. Maybe you love the conflicted Aaron. Maybe you love the devoted Sephora. Maybe you love the crafty Nefretiri. Maybe you love the theatrical pharaoh, Rameses. Maybe you love the cruel Baka. Maybe you love the ambitious but treacherous Dathan. Maybe you love the sacrificial Lilia. Maybe you love them all. Maybe you love their speeches. They are all great. There is so much to love.

Two stone tablets way up!